Science and technology plays a critical role in realising Malaysia’s
aspiration to become a developed nation. Since mathematics is
instrumental in the development of scientific and technological
knowledge, the provision of quality mathematics education from an early
age in the education process is thus important. The Malaysian school
curriculum offers three mathematics education programs, namely
Mathematics for primary schools, Mathematics and Additional
Mathematics for secondary schools.
The Malaysian school mathematics curriculum aims to develop
mathematical knowledge, competency and inculcate positive attitudes
towards mathematics among pupils. While the Mathematics curriculum
prepares pupils to cope with daily life challenges, the Additional
Mathematics curriculum provides an exposure to the level of mathematics
appropriate for science and technology related careers. As with other
subjects in the secondary school curriculum, Additional Mathematics aims
to inculcate noble values and love for the nation in the development of a
holistic person, who in turn will be able to contribute to the harmony and
prosperity of the nation and its people.
Additional Mathematics is an elective subject offered to the upper
secondary school pupils. Beginning 2003, English is used as the medium
of instruction for Science and Mathematics subjects. The policy to change
the medium of instruction for the two subjects follows a phased
implementation schedule and is expected to be completed by 2008. The
teaching and learning of Additional Mathematics in English started in
The use of technology in the teaching and learning of Additional
Mathematics is greatly emphasised. Additional Mathematics taught in
English, coupled with the use of ICT, provide greater opportunities for
pupils to improve their knowledge and skills in mathematics because of
the richness of resources and repositories of knowledge in English. Our
pupils will be able to interact with pupils from other countries, improve
their proficiency in English; and thus make the learning of mathematics
more interesting and exciting.
The development of this Additional Mathematics syllabus is the work of
many individuals and experts in the field. On behalf of the Curriculum
Development Centre, I would like to express much gratitude and
appreciation to those who have contributed in one way or another towards
this initiative.


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